Alta Moda

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The fashion designer Jamal Taslaq found inspiration for his 2016 collection from the mural painting decorations of Italian Renaissance and from the light reflection from the Mediterranean Sea, meeting point of the two cultures, he belongs to. Indeed the ornaments of the clothes recall the fresco’s naturalistic forms in the flowers, the leaves, the corals as well as the waves of the sea.
The unusual monochromatic collection is discreetly ornamented in the details by a spectrum of colors which most emphasize the brilliance of white even by counteracting in the combination of fabrics. The white, symbol of purity, is present in all of its shades until it becomes pink topaz and it is interpreted by Taslaq with extreme elegance as a color suitable for every occasion and season. Embellished by imaginative, sophisticated embroidery and approached to the warm colors of coral, gold and to the cold tones of turquoise and silver. The selected fabrics are the ones most beloved by the fashion designer, from the Crepe Cady to the crepe marocain with bias cut, in order to exalt the curves of female body in the designs. Instead, the lightness of the chiffon gives to Haute Couture dresses filminess and sensuality.
For the construction of the classic wedding dresses, always strongly original and uncommon, Taslaq prefers the Mikado, reinterpreted in contemporary taste, creations or enriched by original lace compositions; for instance, by fanciful embroideries with Pearls, Swarovski, Turquoise and Coral. The leather is used in several relief creations, in hand made sophisticated patterns, stitched with advance skill and experience exclusively in the personal atelier in Rome. The leather inlays, embellished by the embroidery, define the clothes with colors such as gold, silver, bronze, blue, green and yellow. The Dresses of the new collection, in their refinement class and elegance, expresses the boldest femininity by uncovering the body with long slits, winking transparencies, necklines where the back takes a special role also fully uncovering itself.