His creations meet the
refined taste of the sophisticated women from all over the world,
 from thrilling Hollywood stars, to Queen Ranya of Jordan. This, thanks to the
originality and uniqueness of his creations, and the 
fusion of the two cultures in an extraordinary and unique style.
 Among the preciousness of the oriental embroideries and the Italian 
tailoring techniques. Taslaq's style is able to harmonize the atmosphere, the
 colors and the emotions of his land of origin, with the modernity, the
 elegance and the sophisticated taste of the Made in Italy.
 Jamal Taslaq’s wedding dresses as well as all of his creations are
 uncommon thanks to his seductive originality. The elegance of his evening dresses exalted the femininity with sinuous lines embellish by embroideries. Lace and leather inlays entirely handmade and base on original designs. From the choice of the fabrics, to the materials that embellish the fabrics, to the entire process of the dresses is exclusively Italian and made 
at his personal atelier in Rome by embroideries and dressmakers with
 decades of experience. 
The designer prefers to meet his customers personally to absorb and fully understand the characteristics of their personalities, in order to 
design an exclusive and unique dress.

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